Presentation movie file (*.mp4) upload

Requirements of  the movie file

  • Time : 10 – 15 minutes per one presentation
  • Minimum requirement for content: Slides and Narrations   ( You can insert your demo movie or your face captured web cam, as you want)
  • File format: mp4
  • Maximum file size: 200MB

How to make a Presentation movie file

Please be advised that you check the microphone volume beforehand.

  1. Making slides as usual.
  2. Select “Record from Beginning” from “Slide show” menu to record your presentation with your narrations.
  3. Please be advised to show the software laser pointer to easily share your focus with audience.  Right click your mouse, then select “Laser Pointer” from the “Pointer Options”.
  4. Start the recording
  5. Stop the Recording
  6. From menu “File” to “Export”, please select the “Create a video” with the options “Standard (480p)” and “User Recorded Timing and Narrations”.
    At this step, Please select the “Standard (480p)” for reducing file size.
    Then click the “Create video”.
  7. Save the video file as “MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)” format.
  8. Wait for a while, then the slides have been converted to Video File (mp4).